Swissotel, Switzerland, July 21st to 23rd


Friday 21st July 2000


16:00 - 18:30







Convention Inaugration



Mr. J.H. Makwana, Convention Convenor (CH)

GOPIO & its Mission

Dr. Thomas Abraham, President GOPIO (USA)


GOPIO and PIO Role for India

Mr. Ram Lakhina, Chairman GOPIO (The Netherlands)


Inaugural Address

Hon. K.P. Balkrishnan India’s Ambassador to Switzerland(CH)


Keynote Address

Lighting of the Lamp

Hon. M.M. Jacob, Governor of Meghalaya (INDIA)

Hon. Mrs. Ambasassador (CH)


Convention and Conference Overview

Vote of Thanks

Dr. Jagat Motwani, Secreary General, GOPIO (USA)

Dr. Satish Gupta, Co-Chair Conferences & Organising Committee Switzerland (CH)


Reception Dinner & Cultural Program


Saturday 22nd July, 2000


8:00 –9:30

Registration/ Kaffee/Tea



Inaugration of Conferences


Welcome & Opening Remarks

Dr. Jyoti Barot, Chair, Conferences, GOPIO (USA)


Inaugural Address

Hon. J.C. Sharma, NRI Commissioner , Ministry of External Affairs , Govt. of India, New Delhi (INDIA)


Keynote Address

Dr. Joy Cherian, International Trade Expert & Former Commissioner, US Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, Washington DC (USA)



Session I Pooling Resources



Dr. Jagat K. Motwani, Secretary General, GOPIO (USA)


"Pooling PIO Professional & Technological Resources"

Mr. S.P. Hinduja, Hinduja Group of Companies (GB)


"Investment Opportunities in North East States"

Hon. M.M. Jacob, Governor of Meghalaya (INDIA)


"Advisability and Feasibility of Creating a Global Federation of Chambers of Commerce"

Mr. Ramesh Dalal, President Indo-American Chamber of Commerce -IACC Mumbai (INDIA)


"A Global PIO Journal : Its Role in Collaboration"

Mr. Sudhir Misra, Editor, Tourism, India Link Intl. (GB)


Final Discussion & Remarks


12:00 –13:3 0

Lunch Break



Session II Global PIO Collaboration in Technolgy


Dr. Rakhal Dave, Chief Executive Officer, RiskEye, Zürich (CH)


"A Global Perspective for the Future of Biotechnology: Role of Collaboration Between India and the Western Countries"

Prof. P.K. Jain, President Jain Pharma Biotech, Basel (CH)


"Nutraceuticals (Health foods) of Indian Origin and the Role of PIO-Owned Companies in its

Dr. Muhammed Majeed, President, Sabinsa Corp. (USA)


"Computers and Medicine: Mergers of the 21st Century – Opportunities for PIOs."

Dr. Ravi Ranjan, COO, MD Pad (USA)


"The Emerging Trends and Opportunities in Software Consulting"

Mr. Suresh Kumar, Co-Founder and Director, NexAge Consulting, (USA)


"Topic to be Announced"

Col. Suresh Patil, President of Green Thumb, Int. Environmental Group Pune (INDIA)


Final Discussion & Remarks



Tea/Coffee Break



Session III Family, Women & Youth Issues


Dr. Veena Gariyali, Ex. Direktor Kirby Psychiatric Center, New York (USA)


"PIOs : Ambassadors/or Traiters ?? "

Mr. Mani Mezhukanal (CH)


"Impact of Economic System on Women. "

Dr. Sushila Gidwani-Bushi (USA)


"Topic to be announced"

Miss Ashwani Patil (INDIA)


"New Images of Indian Women"

Miss Divya Saxena (CH)


"Racism, Prejudice and Women"

Ms. Mala Pal (CH)


"Youth Perception of the Integration Conflicts"

Miss Romanee Kalicharan (USA)

"Women Empowerment and Gender Equality"

Ms. Sudha Acharya (USA)





Banquet Dinner & Cultural Program


Sunday, 23rd July, 2000


8:00 –9:00

Registration/ Kaffee/Tea



Session IV Business Networking


Mr. Inder Singh, Comupter Software Consultant and community Activitst (USA)

"GOPIO Business Council: Networking Opportunities."

Mr. Chander Khurana, President ACS Telcom & Chair GOPIO Business Council (USA)


"Global Application of US Withholding Tax on US Securities

Mr. Hatim F. Hussain , Chief Executive Vice President Habib Bank AG Zürich. (CH)


"Opportunities for PIOs in Developing Countries"

Dr. Ahmed Kharodia, Malawi’s Ambassador to UK (GB)


"PIO Collaboration and Networking Opportunities in Technology in India."

Mr. M.A. Abraham, Managing Director, Aban Group of Industries, Chennai (INDIA)


"Financial Industry Convergence in the Next Millennium."

Mr. Niraj Baxi, Insurance Practioner (USA)


"Role of PIO Businesses in Asian Markets especially in India."

Mr. Ashok Motwani, Intl. Coordinator, GOPIO (INDIA)

Discussion & Final Remarks


Session V Human Rights and PIO Political Involvement


Dr. Prof. Ved Nanda, Chair, GOPIO Commission on Human Rights (USA)


"Human Rights Issues and PIOs"

Mr. Ram Loomba, Philanthropist, (UK)


"Human Rights Violations against Fiji PIOs."

Mr. Ash Dutta, Community Activist, (CANADA)


"Impact of Recent Coup on PIOs Living in Fiji – What should be done?"

Mr. Nirmal Singh, Community Activist, (FIJI)


"Fiji Crisis and Global Campaign."

Mr. Noel Lal, Council of Fiji Institutions in Australia (AUS)


"Human Rights and Political Rights of Indians in Africa"

Mr. M. Jacob, Businessman and Community Activist (NIGERIA)


"Intra-Ethnic and Inter-Ethnic Relations Affecting PIOs in The Netherlands."

Prof. Mohan Gautam (THE NETHERLANDS)


"India’s Oppressed Classes and Human Rights Violations."

Mr. Gautam Chakarvarty (UK)



Session VI
Special Panel Discussion to Develop Global PIO Strategies for Fiji

Indo-Fijian Delegates & All Interested Participants

13:15 –14:30

Lunch Break



Session VII Concluding Sessions & Resolutions



Dr. T. Abraham, President, GOPIO (USA)

Briefs by Moderators

Dr. Jagat K. Motwani, Dr. Veena Gariyali, Prof. Ved Nanda, Dr. Rakhal Dave, Mr. Inder Singh, Dr. Jyoti Barot, Dr. S.K. Gupta


Prof. Ved Nanda, Chair, GOPIO Commission on Human Rights (USA)

Dr. Rakhal Dave, Co-Chair (CH)

Vote of Thanks

Mr. Rajesh Jassal (CH)


Tea/Coffee Break



GOPIO General Body Meeting & Elections

Mr. Ram Lakhina, Chairman, GOPIO (THE NETHERLANDS)