India Development PIO Pioneers

Mr. Sam Pitroda, Chicago USA: Developed an Employment Model to provide public access – the bright yellow STD PCO boxes revolutionized the state of telecommunications in India. Founded the Center for Development of Telematics in 1984.

Prof. Amartya Sen, Cambridge, UK: Professor at Trinity College, won Noble Prize in Economics for his contributions to welfare economics, which help explain the economic mechanisms underlying famines and poverty, studied the Bangladesh famine of 1974 and other catastrophes in India, Bangladesh and the countries of the Sahara.

Mr. Vinod Khosla, Silicon Valley USA: Co-founder of Sun Microsystems & General partner of  Kleiner Perkins, funding micro-finance economy to serve the rural Indian community.

Mr. Sandip Pandey, University of California, Berkeley, USA: Co-founder of ASHA  for Education that has completed over 350 projects in India with 1000 active volunteers through 65 chapters worldwide.

Prof. Jagdish Bhagwati, Columbia University, New York, USA: Advisor to India 's Finance Minister, now Prime Minister - Dr. Manmohan Singh,  on India 's economic reforms in 1991. He has written many books & articles on India's development.