Development Needs

What Can PIOs Do?

Water & Sanitation

1. DRINKING WATER - To enable projects on adequate drinking water facilities, conservation of fresh water & rainwater harvesting methods for the entire population both in urban and in rural areas.

2.  DROUGHT MANAGEMENT -  To enable projects on soil moisture conservation measures, harvesting practices, the minimization of evaporation losses, and the transfer of surface water from surplus areas where feasible and appropriate to manage droughts.

To enable projects to ensure water allocation in an irrigation system is done with due regard to equity & to extend the benefits of irrigation to as large a number of farm families as possible, keeping in view the need to maximize production.

4. FLOOD CONTROL - To enable projects on sound watershed management through extensive soil conservation, catchment area treatment, preservation of check-dams to reduce the intensity of floods.

5. HYDRO-POWER -  To enable projects to promote SHP (small hydro power) as ’clean’ and renewable source of energy available round the clock,  without submergence of forests, siltation of reservoirs, rehabilitation and relocation, and seismological threats. Other benefits of small hydro are user-friendliness, low cost, and short gestation period.

6. SANITATION & CLEANLINESS - To enable projects that provide Low-cost Sanitation Services to Communities and encourage educational programs on public cleanliness.


1. EXPANSION OF TECHNOLOGY WORKFORCE -  To enable projects to build learning centers for New Emerging Communication & Computing Technologies.

2. CHILD EDUCATION  -  To enable projects to provide education to underprivileged children in India.

To enable projects to help illiterate adult women acquire functional skills along with literacy to promote better awareness of health, hygiene, and child care.

Health Care

1. TUBERCULOSIS IMMUNIZATION -  To enable projects in order to raise awareness about the TB disease amongst the citizens. Also fund projects on TB screening and branded Directly Observed Treatment (DOTS) services.

2. FIGHT AGAINST HIV   -  To enable projects to fund HIV projects that target media interventions, blood safety, youth campaigns, VCT, care and support and social mobilisation. To promote cooperation among public, private and voluntary sectors to stop its spread.

3. WOMEN's HEALTH & POPULATION CONTROL - To enable projects to fund
programs providing family planning, health, and related services for women.

Land & Housing

1. REFUGEE HOUSING - To enable projects that help provide housing to refugees in India.

To enable projects to create awareness to have landowners to sell their over-the-ceiling holdings to the government at fixed prices who in turn, could redistribute the agricultural land to the landless farmers.

To enable projects that push Awareness Campaign & help Government to ensure protection of private real estate property.

4. HOUSING TO SLUM DWELLERS & RURAL AREAS - To enable projects to provide urban housing amenities to Slum Dwellers and Rural Areas.


1. RURAL ENERGY -  To enable projects to formulate strategies & implementations for environmentally friendly solutions for rural energy.

2. URBAN POWER CONSUMPTION -  To enable projects to encourage efficient power use in urban settings, to safeguard Economic Growth that could be thwarted by
chronic energy shortages.

3.  PREFER NATURAL GAS TO OIL - To enable projects to encourage policy that drives energy production through natural gas in order to meet increasing
demand in electricity use, industry, communication and transportation.

4. SOLAR-CELL TECHNOLOGY -  To enable projects to use solar cell technology for home consumption, as the price of solar cells continue to reduce.

Air, Climate & Forest Preservation

1. URBAN POLLUTION -  To enable projects to formulate strategies & enforce legal framework to improve air pollution problem in ever-growing cities.

2. PREVENTING CORROSION - To enable projects to encourage use of appropriate corrosion-control technology as loss due to corrosion alone amounts to at least 2 to 4 percent of GNP.

To enable projects to study & spread awareness of the impacts of climate change on the forestry, water resources and agriculture, and coastal sectors

To enable projects to work with locals on forest restoration, protection, and management. Plant trees, save trees.

Sustainable Employment Creation

1. RURAL EMPLOYMENT -  Rural poverty in some areas is associated with sharp swings in employment due to the vagaries of the monsoon. To enable projects to encourage Casual wage labour or food-for-work schemes which are ideal for such conditions.  This also ensures migration to cities in check.

2. SUSTENANCE FOR GROWING SEMI-SKILLED WORK FORCE - To enable projects that create some 30-40 million jobs in next five years as more Indians enter the job market. More than 65 percent of the population is younger than 35.

Economic Infrastructure 

1. COMMUNICATION NETWORK -  To enable projects to fund expansion of wireline & wireless communication infrastructure to ensure real-time information availability, launch new services and generate capital.

2. TRANSPORTATION NETWORK - To enable projects to fund & develop road, railroads, water & air transport networks for the flow of products & services.

To enable projects to work with administration to provide adequate protection of private property & ensure system of checks against economic fraud & corruption.

Compiled by: Prashant Gupta, 2004