February 18, 2020
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Issue: XVIII-3
February 18, 2020
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The Union Budget presented in the Indian Parliament had NRIs to pay up taxes on global earnings, if they're not paying in any other jurisdiction or country. However, it generated much debate.

In what seemed like a partial rollback, the Finance Ministry later clarified that non-resident Indians (NRIs) would be liable to pay tax only on income derived from business or profession in India. The ministry said it was an anti-abuse provision amid growing instances of NRIs shifting their stay in low or no-tax jurisdiction to avoid tax payment in India.

“An NRI living in another country earns money there, which is not taxed there at all, but has some earnings through something in India and does not pay tax here either because he does not live here. What we are saying is this: for the income generated in India, pay a tax. If you have a property here that generates rental income, but because you live there, you carry this income there and pay tax neither there nor here,’’ Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in a press briefing later.

Adding to that narrative, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) also put out a clarification on saying, “the new provision is not intended to include in tax net those Indian citizens who are bonafide workers in other countries.’’

It added that in some sections of the media, the new provision is being interpreted as one creating an impression that those Indians who are bonafide workers in other countries, including in West Asia, and who are not liable to pay tax in these countries, will be taxed in India on the income that they have earned there. “This interpretation is not correct,’’ CBDT said.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has named Indian-origin politician Rishi Sunak, MP to be his new finance minister, after Sajid Javid sensationally resigned.
Sunak, 39, has a business background and previously served as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, effectively Sajid Javid's number two.
Rishi Sunak attended the prestigious Winchester College before going on to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University. He also has an MBA from Stanford University in the United States.
Rishi Sunak's wife is the daughter of Indian billionaire and co-founder of IT services company Infosys, Narayana Murthy.
His father was a doctor and his mother ran a chemist shop. Before entering politics he worked for investment bank Goldman Sachs and a hedge fund, then co-founded an investment firm.
Also promoted is Alok Sharma, who is the new business secretary. Priti Patel, another Indian origin cabinet minister, stays as the home secretary, which is another top role in the UK government.
The appointments mean that three of the top cabinet jobs in the Johnson government are held by Indian origin ministers. 
Suella Braverman (nee Fernandes) of Goa origin is the fourth person of Indian origin to hold a top post in the Johnson government. Braverman was appointed attorney general and will attend cabinet meetings.
Rishi Sunak will be in-charge of steering the UK’s finances as it seeks to forge a new path in the post-Brexit world. His immediate goal is to present the next budget in March.
“Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) is one organization which not only helps its Diaspora community but all other communities,” said Stamford Mayor David Martin at the launch of GOPIO-CT 2020 activities on Friday, February 7 at the Stamford Hampton Inn and Suites.
“Just by the mere presence of several organizations which provide services to the larger society such as Women’s Mentoring Network, Future 5 and Children’s Learning Center, shows how GOPIO-CT is helping the Fairfield County community and I thank you for the same,” added Mayor Martin.

The inaugural event was chaired by GOPIO-CT Vice President Prasad Chintalapudi who said in his initial remarks said, “GOPIO-CT is a group of like-minded individuals with a commitment for community services.”
GOPIO International Chairman Dr. Thomas Abraham who is also an advisor and trustee of the chapter said that of all 100+ GOPIO chapters worldwide, GOPIO-CT is exemplary in organizing the largest number of activities in the last several years and complimented the chapter officials for their new initiatives every year, adding new programs in its schedule.
The new team was introduced by Ms. Bhavna Juneja, Chair of GOPIO-CT Trustees as follows:
Ashok Nichani, President; Srinivas Akarappu, Executive Vice President; Prasad Chintalapudi, Vice President; Raj Misra, Secretary; Meera Banta; Jt. Secretary, Biru Sharma, Treasurer; Anita Bhat; Immediate Past President; Board Members: Jaya Daptadar, Ravi Dhingra, Udaya Neelam, Ramya Subramanian, Prachi Narayan, Fr. Sudhir DeSouza; Trustees: Bhavna Juneja (Chair), Thomas Abraham (Secretary, Comptroller), Shailesh Naik, Totty Narang, Joe Simon and Shelly Nichani
Mayor Martin administered the Oath of Office to the new team. The newly elected GOPIO-CT President Ashok Nichani in his formal welcome said that his team would continue the programs from the previous years plus new initiatives.
Mayor David Martin Administering Oath of Office
Photo – Stamford Mayor David Martin administering Oath of Office to GOPIO-CT Team 2020, standing from l. to r. Shelly Nichani, (not seen are Joseph Simon and Shailesh Naik), Dr. Jaya Daptadar, Executive VP Srinivas Akarapu, President Ashok Nichani, Trustees Chair Bhavna Juneja, VP Prasad Chintalapudi, Secretary Rajneesh Misra, Joint Secretary Meera Banta, Udaya Neelam, Prachi Narayan and Fr. Sudhir DeSouza
CT State Representative Matt Blumenthal was a honored guest who thanked GOPIO-CT for its arrays of activities in his Assembly District.
GOPIO-CT Executive Vice president Srinivas Akarappu highlighted the major events planned for this year which include a Health and Wellness Seminar on March 13th, Holi Festival of Color at Mill River Park in April, signature event the Annual Awards Banquet on June 6th, India Festival and Kite Flying on August 9th, Welcome Dinner for new UConn and other university Indian students in September, Fall Seminar in October, Diwali Festival of Lights in November, Tax and Investment in December and Annual Holiday Party and Election of New Officers in December.
Ms. Laurissa Berk, Associate Director of University of Connecticut (Stamford Campus) Risk Mgmt. Program thanked GOPIO-CT for hosting a networking welcome dinner for UConn’s new students.
“In addition to the welcome dinner for new students, UConn and GOPIO-CT will jointly host a talk by a prominent speaker this year,” Berk added.
Special guests at the event were Stamford Dollars for Scholars President Bjorn Bumactao, Women's Mentoring Network Exec. Director Lana Gifas, Future 5 Founder Clif McFeely and Children's Learning Center of Fairfield County CEO Marc Jaffe. They thanked GOPIO-CT for its continued support of their activities.
Felicitations to GOPIO-CT 2020 Team headed by President Ashok Nichani
Photo – Felicitations to GOPIO-CT 2020 Team headed by President Ashok Nichani, Clockwise from top left, President Nichani, Stamford Mayor David Martin, CT Rep. Matt Blumenthal, UConn Business School Risk Management Program Associate Director Laurissa Berk, Children’s Learning Center CEO Marc Jaffe, Women's Mentoring Network Exec. Director Lana Gifas, Future 5 Founder Clif McFeely and Stamford Dollars for Scholars President Bjorn Bumactao.
The event was concluded by GOPIO-CT Secretary Rajneesh Misra with a vote of thanks to all those assembled.
Dr. Thomas Abraham Addressing at GOPIO-CT 2020 Activities Launch
Photo: GOPIO International Chairman Dr. Thomas Abraham Addressing the Audience at the Launch

Misra said, “I want to thank the political and social leadership of the region, with whom we work closely, for their support without which we cannot achieve our ambitious goal of social service”. 
GOPIO-CT 2020 Activities Launch organizers
Photo: GOPIO-CT organizers, from l. to r. GOPIO-CT Vice President and Program Chairman Prasad Chintalapudi, Executive VP Srinivas Akarapu and Secretary Rajneesh Misra

The program ended with a networking dinner.
Over the last 14 years, GOPIO-CT, a chapter of GOPIO International has become an active and dynamic organization hosting interactive sessions with policy makers and academicians, community events, youth mentoring and networking workshops, and working with other area organizations to help create a better future. GOPIO-CT – Global Organization of People of Indian Origin – serves as a non-partisan, secular, civic and community service organization – promoting awareness of Indian culture, customs and contributions of PIOs through community programs, forums, events and youth activities. It seeks to strengthen partnerships and create an ongoing dialogue with local communities.
Contact Rajneesh Misra, Secretary GOPIO-CT, Tel: 203-286-9072, e-mail:
On the eve the 70th year India Republic, GOPIO Chairman Dr. Thomas Abraham joined other Indian community leaders and the Indian Consulate officials in New York at the closing of NASDAQ Stock Market, one of the largest in the world, honoring India with ringing of the closing bell by Indian Consul General Sandeep Chakravorty on January 24th along with a few prominent Indian Americans. 
ClosingBell of Nasdaq Market on Jan. 24th 2020
Photo – Indian Consul General Sandeep Chakravorty ringing the closing bell at NASDAQ.  
GOPIO NEWS SPONSORS - Attorney Megha Bhouraskar (USA), Nazareth Consulting (USA) and Vaastu Shastra Specialist Dr. Rashmi Jain (India)
The Law Offices of Megha D. Bhouraskar [MDB] is a NYC/USA-based law firm specializing in Business Transactions, Company Formations, Real Estate, Investments, Intellectual Property, Entertainment, and Entrepreneurial Mentorship. MDB advances the business opportunities for Indians Worldwide by using a specific set of skills that include: personal strengths, creativity, intuition, discretion, sense of community, attention and interactive collaboration. 
Contact: The Law Offices of Megha D. Bhouraskar,P.C.,
139 Fulton Street, Suite 902, New York, NY 10039, United States, Tel: (212)571-1770
Contact: Nazareth Consulting, Cecil Nazareth, International Tax and Accounting,, The book on Intl Tax & Compliance can be ordered through the website or from Amazon.
Vaastu Specialist Dr. Rashmi Jain
For Consulting, contact: Dr. Rashmi Jain, +91-9971610440,,
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GOPIO France celebrated the PONGAL and Makar Sankranti on the 12th of January 2020 in Paris. These are the festivals that helps the community to come together, have fun and celebrate together in joy and good humor.
India is known for its diversity, its colors and its rich traditions. A country where so many traditions coexist, every day is a celebration.
Harvest festival, Makar Sankranti marks the transition from the Sun to the zodiac sign of Makar (cancer).
It also marks the end of the winter solstice, which symbolizes the end of long winter nights and the celebration of the arrival of long sunny days.
Pongal is the most important commemoration of Tamil Nadu for the gods of the harvest. Pongal is celebrated in mid-January across the state to honor the growing harvest season. The four-day festival reminds people to thank the gods for granting fertility in the fields and to pray for the year to come.

Contact: Vikas Talwar, President, GOPIO-France Paris,
Pongal and Makar Sankranti Celebration by GOPIO France Paris
The first meeting took place today in New York (Manhattan) after the Republic Day Celebration. The LOI has been submitted to GOPIO International. Although Manhattan is only a Borough of New York City, there are a large number of young professionals who move to the city, particularly in Manhattan. Also, many parents are moving to Manhattan to be closer with their grownup children who work in New York City. We have been receiving enquiries from those who move to the city to join a GOPIO chapter. Some even have become members. However, our activities have been in the New York suburbs and they shy away coming to the suburbs to attend GOPIO chapter programs.
The chapter had submitted an LOI to GOPIO International which was approved on February 9, 2020..
GOPIO-Manhattan First Planning Meeting
Photo: Attendees at the first planning meeting of GOPIO-Manhattan; Sitting, l. to r.: Kavita Motwani, Dr. Vimal Goyle and Dr. Lisa George; Standing: from l. to r. Braj Aggarwal, Harbachan Singh, Jasvir Ubhi, Shivender Sofat, Lal Motwani, Rajasekhar Vengapaty, Dr. Thomas Abraham and Tirlok Malik
GOPIO Berlin President, Mr Barjinder Sodhi has done tremendous efforts in bringing the Indian community of Berlin together on many occasions.
Recently he has provided “Langar” to around 800 people in Berlin which is a simple, healthy and tasty vegetarian food. Some people say that Langar food tastes better than home food, even when the same ingredients are used. Also, Langar also teaches compassion through the nature of voluntary work: Seva (selfless service).
Shri Arun Goel, IAS, Secretary of Culture, Government of India presented an official coin of the 550 years of Guru Nanak Devji to Mr Barjinder Sodhi. 
 GOPIO Berlin President Barjinder Sodhi receiving Guru Nanak commemorative coin
Photo - GOPIO Berlin President Barjinder Sodhi receiving a commemorative coin from Mr. Arun Goel, IAS, Secretary Minister of Culture, Govt of India
PS: In 2016, when there was a crisis with the refugees in Germany, Mr Barjinder Sodhi provided them with free food. Serving meals to the needy represents a lesson in egolessness, humility, and love for others (See an earlier video
In the morning of Sunday 26th January, GOPIO France members and friends of the Indian community attended the official celebrations at the Embassy of India in Paris with the flag hoisting ceremony on the occasion of India’s 71st Republic Day celebration.
GOPIO France organised the Republic Day dinner at the Jodhpur Palace, one of the best Indian restaurants in Paris. For some newly arrived members and expats in France, celebrating the Indian Republic Day with some patriotic songs in a foreign land was a special feeling.
GOPIO France Paris Republic Day 2020 Celebrations
Photo - GOPIO France Paris celebrating Republic Day at Jodhpur Palace Restaurant.
Contact: Vikas Talwar, President, GOPIO-France Paris,
The GOPIO London West chapter organised a nice and productive women council meeting on Sunday 02/02/2020 at Gabbar Indian restaurant (, their first women led and coordinated event.
There were useful exchanges of information, inspiring talks by speakers and good opportunity for networking.

The chapter is planning a Toastmasters style ( event in summer to improve public speaking, communication and leadership skills).

The chapter thanked its sponsors Wijay (, A&R Solicitors and GOPIO Europe which helped to keep the event for free.
GOPIO-London West seminar panelists recognized.
Photo – GOPIO-London West seminar panelists recognized.
Every week, the Indian students studying in Berlin are welcomed at the Neumann Restaurant, Berlin. They are provided with all the Practical information covering health care, insurances, accommodation, free German language courses, student discounts, travel in Europe and to neighboring countries etc. and more.
More and more Indian students are choosing Europe as a destination for higher studies and Research works. GOPIO Berlin helps in welcoming and integrating the students in the German society.
GOPIO-Berlin Welcoming New Indian Students
Photo - GOPIO Berlin President Barjinder Sodhi with newly arrived students from India
Contact: Barjinder Sodhi, President, GOPIO-Berlin,
After a rigorous process, two exceptionally gifted Indian American children and one Indo-Canadian kid were handpicked from 15,000-plus nominees across 45 countries for the 2020 Global Child Prodigy Award.
Tiara Abraham of Sacramento, Calif.; Akash Vukoti of San Angelo, Texas; and Advait Kolarkar of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, were honored alongside 97 other talented kids on Jan. 3 at a gala event in New Delhi, which was attended by several senior parliamentarians, music stalwarts and luminaries from the political and economic world.
Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi was the chief guest at the event where Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi handed out the awards to 100 child prodigies from 18 countries.
The Global Child Prodigy Awards event is a platform to celebrate a child’s talent and power in different categories such as dancing, music, arts, writing, acting, modeling, science, innovation, sports, etc.
Only three percent of the child prodigies can take their talent to the next level and become successful in their domain, so Global Child Prodigy Awards strives to recognize those talents, support them and provide them the global exposure to help them excel in their respective fields.
Soprano prodigy Tiara Abraham, 13, was honored in the ‘singing’ category. Having won numerous national and international solo singing competitions, Abraham, who was recently also honored by the Vatican, released her debut CD when she was 10. The album has nine songs in six different languages.
In April 2019, she wowed a crowd of more than 25,000 when she sang the national anthem at a San Francisco Giants game.
The young singer, who has been a college student since she was seven years old, and has completed 42 college semesters in foreign languages, music and dance, had earlier told India-West that when she was six, she started to sing “simple songs” like “Happy Birthday” or the American national anthem in a vibrato style.
Spelling prodigy Akash Vukoti was felicitated for his prowess in the ‘languages’ categories.
In 2016, then six, Vukoti became the youngest competitor in the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition. He competed in the 2018 and 2019 editions of the competition as well.
According to his website, he can read and write three languages – English, Hindi and Telugu.
He started reading and writing at a very early age and competed in his first spelling bee when he was just 2 years old. He became a member of Mensa at three and a Davidson Young Scholar at the age of 5 years.
In 2018, the ‘spellebrity’ became the youngest celebrity competitor on “Dancing with the Stars: Junior.”
Vukoti has been featured on several shows such as “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Steve Harvey Show” and “Fox and Friends.” He has also appeared in many documentaries, including “Breaking the Bee.” (Read earlier India-West story here:
In the ‘arts’ category, five-year-old artistic prodigy Kolarkar, said a press release, has left the world stunned with his art. His abstract paintings have been displayed at exhibitions in Canada, the U.S. and India. In 2018, he became the youngest artist to exhibit at the ArtExpo fair in New York.
His fascination with art, according to his website, began when he was merely three months old. “He would keenly gaze at black objects—wardrobes and curtains — an observation that soon turned into demand,” his website says. Consequently, he took a fascination to art and would spend hours with his sister as she drew on paper. (Read earlier India-West story here:
Originally from Pune, Maharashtra, he now lives in Canada with his parents, software engineer Amit Kolarkar and commercial artist Shruti Kolarkar, and his elder sister Swara.
Kolarkar, who began painting when he was eight, said the awards press release, has the talent that “far surpasses the professionals in his domain.
The awardees, who will get to meet eminent leaders, will also be part of other significant international events as speakers or influencers. The “100 Global Child Prodigies Award 2020” book, featuring its awardees, will be distributed to all the “top libraries” of the world.
The award is supported by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation, and Oscar-winning music director A.R. Rahman, among others.
International Business Machines Corp., better known as IBM, announced Jan. 30 that Indian American Arvind Krishna has been elected by the company’s board of directors as the successor to Virginia Rometty, who is stepping down from her post as chief executive officer.
Krishna, who is currently IBM senior vice president for Cloud and Cognitive Software and was a principal architect of the company's acquisition of Red Hat, will assume the role April 6, the company said in a news release.
"I am thrilled and humbled to be elected as the next chief executive officer of IBM and appreciate the confidence that Ginni and the board have placed in me," said Krishna in a statement. "IBM has such talented people and technology that we can bring together to help our clients solve their toughest problems,” he said.
Krishna, 57, is IBM senior vice president for Cloud and Cognitive Software, where he leads the IBM business unit that provides the cloud and data platform on which IBM's clients build the future.
His current responsibilities also include the IBM Cloud, IBM Security and Cognitive Applications business, and IBM Research. Previously, he was general manager of IBM's Systems and Technology Group's development and manufacturing organization, his bio notes.
Prior to that he built and led many of IBM's data-related businesses. He has an undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and a doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He joined IBM in 1990.
Akshay Venkatesh, 36, a renowned Indian-Australian mathematician, is one of four winners of mathematics’ prestigious Fields medal, known as the Nobel Prize for math. The Fields medals are awarded every four years to the most promising mathematicians under the age of 40.
Venkatesh’s journey has been full of achievements and accolades since his early childhood. He moved to Perth, Australia, with his parents when he was two. He participated in physics and math Olympiads the premier international competitions for high school students and won medals in the two subjects at ages 11 and 12, respectively. He finished high school when he was 13 and went to the University of Western Australia, graduating with first class honours in mathematics in 1997, at the age of 16. In 2002, he earned his PhD at the age of 20. Since then, he has gone from holding a post-doctoral position at MIT to becoming a Clay Research Fellow and, now a professor at Stanford University. Venkatesh has worked at the highest level in number theory, arithmetic geometry, topology, automorphic forms and ergodic theory. His research has been recognized with many awards, including the Ostrowski Prize, the Infosys Prize, the Salem Prize and Sastra Ramanujan Prize. He is currently teaching at Stanford University. The Indian-origin mathematician is known as someone with broad expertise who has contributed to many areas of math.
The other three winners are: Caucher Birkar, a Cambridge University professor of Iranian Kurdish origin; Germany’s Peter Scholze, who teaches at the University of Bonn and Alessio Figalli, an Italian mathematician at ETH Zurich.
The prize was inaugurated in 1932 at the request of Canadian mathematician John Charles Fields, who ran the 1924 Mathematics Congress in Toronto. Each winner receives a 15,000 Canadian-dollar cash prize.
The Peace Pillar initiative was borne from a commitment made by Ishwar Ramlutchman (philanthropist & humanitarian) to his beloved Swamiji, the late Sri Swami Sahajananda, where he undertook to install eight “Sivananda Peace Pillar’s” across South Africa but has gone on to surpass the number promised.
“The Sivananda Peace Pillar is a source of inspiration. In the run-up to our local government elections, peace and unity is crucial. Political and social stability are a sign of a united province and we must work hard at preserving the peace amongst all our citizens. The Pietermaritzburg launch is especially significant given the region’s troubled political past in the 80s. It is a time for peace.”
The Peace Pillars are erected in honour of Sri Swami Sivananda, founder of the Divine Life Society Worldwide and his disciple, Sri Swami Sahajananda. May they continue to be a source of inspiration and remind us that Peace and Love must transcend our human limitations which are so prevalent in today’s society!
GOPIO Exec.VP Ramlutchman unveils Sivananda Peace Pillar
Photo: From Left to Right : Former Mayor of Umlalazi Municipality, Mr Stan Alderman Larkan, Prince Ishwar Ramlutchman Mabheka Zulu, His Holiness, The Vice President of the Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, India and The Deputy Mayor of Umlalazi Municipality, Mrs Bongiwe Simelane.
Ramlutchman had also helped to build the Sivananda Center. This Centre serves the needs of the community. This centre is used by the department of health twice a month. Members of the community are having access to health treatment twice a month at this facility. Elderly women have sewing classes every Wednesday. The Youth from the area attend dancing classes, karate classes and study classes every day in this facility.
Ishwar Ramlutchman, GOPIO Executive Vice President is a global philanthropist who is not only serving the Indian Diaspora but also the local people of South Africa.
Iswar Ramlutchman with Sri Swami Nirliptananda and Dignitaries
Photo - At the Sivananda Center, from l. to r. Sri Swami Nirliptananda, Executive Vice President of the Divine Life Society in Rishikesh, India; Deputy Mayor of Umlalazi Municipality; Mayor Bongiwe Simelane; Deputy Mayor of King Cetshwayo District Municipality; Mayor Phungula and Prince Ishwar Ramlutchman Mabheka ZuluHis Holiness, Sri Swami Nirliptananda, Executive Vice President of the Divine Life Society in Rishikesh, India; Deputy Mayor of Umlalazi Municipality; Mayor Bongiwe Simelane; Deputy Mayor of King Cetshwayo District Municipality; Mayor Phungula and Prince Ishwar Ramlutchman Mabheka Zulu
India Fellow is a 13-month Social Leadership Program for Young Indians who aspire to understand social issues and bring a change in the world around them.
The fellows work with a grassroots organization to solve complex problems using frameworks in Project Management, Organizational Development, Community Mobilization and Systems Thinking.
At the same time, they learn from classroom training, workshops, peer-sharing, fundraising and mentor-ship from sector leaders.

Watch this YouTube video to know more.
The Timeline
  • Application Deadline: 29th February, 2020
  • Fellowship Starts: 27th June, 2020
  • Fellowship Ends: 1st August, 2021

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