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December 3, 2013

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Issue: XII-12 December 3, 2013
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GOPIO is a community supported non-profit organization taking up issues of the Indian Diaspora and attempting to unifying the community in its common causes. Support GOPIO by becoming a Life Member or chapter member. Once can become Life Member online by visiting





GOPIO International plans to hold its annual Executive and General Council Meetings on January 5 afternoon followed by its conference.  This convention will conclude on January 6, immediately preceding and in conjunction with Pravasi Bharatiya Divas PBD2014 events of January 7-9, 2013 in New Delhi, India.


The convention theme is "The Indian Diaspora: Engaging PIOs of Today and Tomorrow". The venue for this convention is: The Federation House (FICCI), Council Room 3rd Floor, Tansen Marg, New Delhi 110001. The Convention Convener is K. N. Gupta, Co-Convener is R. Dayakar and Coordinator is Munish Gupta.


For details and registration, contact Mr. K. N. Gupta, Convention Convener at or




The 12th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD2014) will be held on January 7-9, 2014 at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi, India. The theme of PBD2014 is "Engaging Diaspora: Connecting Across Generations". PBD conventions are being held every year since 2003 to mark the contribution of Overseas Indian community towards the development of India. January 9 was chosen as the day to celebrate this occasion since it was on this day in 1915 that Mahatma Gandhi, the greatest Pravasi, returned to India from South Africa, led India's freedom struggle and changed the lives of Indians forever.


These conventions provide a platform to the overseas Indian community to engage with the government and people of the land of their ancestors for mutually beneficial activities. These conventions are also very useful for networking among the overseas Indian community residing in various parts of the world, and enable them to share their experiences in various fields. During the event, individuals of exceptional merit are honored with the prestigious Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award to appreciate their role in India's growth. The event also provides a forum for discussing key issues concerning the Indian Diaspora.


For Registration and Program details, visit:

Website:    Registration


For details of the GOPIO program and logistics such as registration fees and hotel reservations etc., as well as that of PBD2014, please click the link below:






GOPIO organized its Oceanic Regional Convention 2013 along with GOPIO International Women's Conference held all day and concluding it with a Gala Dinner on 9th November 2013 at Sapphire Function Centre, Blacktown in Sydney, Australia, with attendance by more than 100 dignitaries, international and local attendees. Indian High Commissioner Biren Nanda, inaugurated the convention in the morning and MOIA Minister Vayalar Ravi graced the occasion and delivered his speech at the banquet dinner. Other dignitaries attending were New Zealand's Minister for Ethnic Affairs Judith Collins, Member of Parliament Philip Ruddoc, former Australian Federal Immigration Minister Jeff Lee, MP from Parramatta (Sydney), Anthony Shorten MP from Brisbane, Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP New Zealand and many community leaders.


Photo above left: Inauguration - Ambassador Biren Nanda lighting the lampo. L-R: Suman Kapoor, Ambassador Nanda, Umesh Chandra, K.N. Gupta, Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP NZ,  Kapil Arora of Kotak; Above right: Minister Vayalr Ravi speaking at the banquet -. Sittign on the dias, from l. to r.: Harmohan Singh Walia, Lucky Singh, Philip Ruddock MP, Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP NZ, K.N. Gupta, Suman Kapoor and  Umesh Chandra


The convention theme was "The Indian Diaspora in Oceania: Growth and opportunities." The first session started with the lighting of lamp by Ambassador Biren Nanda and other prominent persons. Ambassador Nanda praised the work done by GOPIO since its inception in 1989. GOPIO's International Coordinator-Oceania Umesh Chandra who was also the, Convener of the Convention, welcomed the guests and thanked attendees especially dignitaries and international attendees on picking Oceania for this International Conference. Mr Munish Gupta, Chairman PIO TV and GOPIO Executive Council Member and International Coordinator-Africa, spoke of the history of GOPIO International since inception in 1989, its growing outreach and the evolving mission going forward with the emphasis on involvement of the youth. The event MC was Mrs. Lucky Singh, Co-Chairperson of the Women's Council of GOPIO International. Mr. K N Gupta, Director-Government Liaison, India, spoke about the extensive work done by GOPIO especially the India Chapter in the engagement of the GOPIO chapters and members with the Government of India and several state governments.

GOPIO-Sydney Convention Officials after Inauguration.Nov. 9, 2013

Photo above: L-R: Prof. Balkar Singh Kang, K.N. Gupta, Amarinder Bajwa, Prof. Prasad Yarlagadda, Munish Gupta, Dr. Vinod Daniel, Ambassador Biren Nanda, Pradeep Kapoor, Suman Kapoor, Harmohan Singh Walia, Guest, Rohitas Batta, Umesh Chandra, Rakesh Malhotra, Alkesh Sharma, Kapil Arora


The second session of the Convention was chaired by Mr. Harmohan Singh Walia, Chairperson of the International Committee on Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, GOPIO International, and Co-Convener of the Convention. The topic of this session was 'Indian Migration & Contribution in Oceania Region'. Mr. Walia gave statistics of Indian migration to Oceania region in general and Australia in specific. In 2011-12 Indians became the largest source of permanent migration to Australia and formed 15.7% of the total migration program in 2011-12. The other speakers who spoke on the topic were New Zealand Member of Parliament Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, GOPIO International Coordinator Africa Munish Gupta, Dr. Vinod Daniel (Australia) and Prof. Prasad Yarlagadda, Co-Chair of GOPIO Science & Technology Council. Questions and Answers were moderated by Mr. Rohitas Batta, Media Coordinator for the Convention and former President of the Sydney Chapter.


The third session of the convention was chaired by Mr. Umesh Chandra, International Coordinator Oceania and Convener of the Convention. The topic was 'Indian Diaspora in Oceania Region: Challenges and Opportunities'. The speakers on the this topic were Dr. Satish Rai (Australia), Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma (India) Professor and Head, Department of Political Science, Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Prof. Balkar Singh Kang, Co-Chair GOPIO Academic Council (Australia), Mr. Len Kenna, Researcher and writer on Early Indians Arrivals in Australia.


Photos of Diaspora Conference Sessions and Banquet clockwise from top left; Photo 1, L-R: Rohitas Batta, Munish Gupta, Prof. Prasad Yarlagadda, Harmohan Singh Walia, Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP NZ, Dr. Vinod Daniel; Photo 2 - Len Kenna, Prof. Balkar Singh Kang, Satish Rai, Umesh Chandra, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma; Photo 3 - L-R: GOPIO Life Members Jagdish Lodhia, Mahavir Arya and Suman Kapoor with Minister Ravi and other participants; Photo 4 - L-R: Umesh Chandra, Ravi Singh, Prof. Balkar Singh Kang, Harmohan Singh Walia, Minister Vayalar Ravi, Harpreet Singh, Arti Banga; Photo 5 - Minister Vayalar Ravi is mingling with children and guests at the Banquet. 




The conference theme is "Women of the Indian Diaspora - Challenges, Empowerment & Opportunities." The Objective and Goals of the conference: To provide an opportunity for women of Indian origin to network and share a common bond; To provide a platform to discuss common issues facing women of Indian origin living abroad; Establish national, regional and international links and develop a sense of solidarity.


The conference was conceived and chaired by GOPIO Women's Council Chairperson Suman Kapoor from New Zealand. Mrs. Kapoor in her welcome address said exhorted Diaspora women on taking up issues of concern to the growing migrant communities with regards to not just the role of women, but focus especially on the youth. India's challenges of fighting female feticide, protecting young women against heinous crimes and ensuring education as an instrument to bringing women at par with men were also emphasized.


The Chief Guest was New Zealand Minister for Ethnic Affairs & Justice Judith Collins. She commended the Indian Diaspora for the multicultural effort in New Zealand and the countries they live in. The Indian community is the fastest growing ethnic minority in both New Zealand and Australia. The Minister said GOPIO International had made its presence felt through several chapters in New Zealand.


GOPIO International Second Women  Conference organizers and speakersGOPIO Women  Conference organizers and speakers- From l. to r. Shobha Ingleshwar, Guest, Suman Kapoor, Manju Mittal, Minister Judith Collins, Lucky Singh, Kamini Singh, Dr. Neeraja Arun, Neeru Singh, Amrit Versha, Rekha Rajwanshi, Bella Thompson, Aman Singh


The second session was chaired by Mrs. Lucky Singh, Co-Chair GOPIO Women's Council based in Sydney, Australia. The topic of this session was 'Confronting and Overcoming Violence Against Women & Children'. The speakers in this session were Lucky Singh (Australia), Aman Singh (Australia) Co-Chair, GOPIO Youth Council, Dr. Neeraja Arun ( India)  Co-Chair GOPIO Academic Council & Principal, Bhavan's Arts and Commerce College, Rekha Rajvanshi (Sydney), Amrit Versha (Australia). Dr. Arun said education was key to ensuring women received due respect and equality in India.


The third session was chaired by Mrs. Kapoor and the topic was 'Equitable Treatment of Women in Business and Profession'. The speakers in this session were Minister Judith Collins (New Zealand), Ms Bella Thompson (New Zealand), Community Radio Presenter Miss Shruti Arya (Australia) and Dr. Mortaza Shams of New Zealand. Shruti as a youth female member made an important mention that she was against reservation for women as a realistic means to achieve true parity and equality for women in the new world order. Dr. Shams spoke on the topic 'Indian Muslim Women and the Question of Integration' and said India was the finest example of guaranteeing respect, dignity, opportunity and rights to Muslim women in the country.


A detailed summary of the Women's Conference is can be accesses by clicking the link below:



For more information and participation in GOPIO Women's Council, contact: Suman Kapoor at 0064211801234 or e-mail at 




The GOPIO International Oceania Conference ended with a gala dinner addressed by Minister Vayalar Ravi, India's Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA), and was attended by Mr. T K Manoj Kumar, Joint Secretary, MOIA, and other dignitaries. Minister Ravi emphasized that he had carefully picked the Oceania region for the Regional PBD 2013 due to the growing number and successful assimilation of migrants in Australia and New Zealand, and the historic ties with the People of Indian Origin (PIOs) settled in Fiji. Minister Ravi noted with delight that GOPIO International hosted an international conference to coincide with the Regional PBD 2013 in Sydney, and highlighted the role played by GOPIO International in helping his Ministry reach out to the Diaspora globally.


Minister Ravi invited GOPIO International delegates to attend the annual Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas (PBD) to be held in New Delhi January 7-9, 2014, with a special Youth Day on January 7, 2014, during the conference. He encouraged youth participation in Diaspora organization and made a special mention that GOPIO had a growing youthful participation.


Conference Convener and International Coordinator-Oceania, Umesh Chandra, thanked Minister Ravi for gracing the occasion and participants for a successful all-day GOPIO conference. He particularly thanked GOPIO International stalwarts Amrinder Bajwa and Rohitas Batta from Australia, and Alkesh Sharma, GOPIO National Coordinator from New Zealand, for their presence and participation throughout the conference.


Munish Gupta summed up the success of the conference especially with the attendance of potential new members, including youth. GOPIO International Oceania region thanked Gupta for visiting Australia as an International Representative on behalf of GOPIO and for facilitating attendance by MOIA Ministers and officials, and for Kotak Mahindra Bank's sponsorship of the event. The evening ended with interactions between the organizers and attendees, as well as conference convener Umesh Chandra and Kotak Executive Vice President Deepak Sharma answering queries on India economy and special NRI deposit schemes being offered by the Government of India.


For further information and participation in GOPIO Oceanic Region, contact Umesh Chandra ph +61421388465.



Overseas Indians have come of age and dominate Australia's multicultural society was echoed by Australian province Queensland's Multicultural Affairs Minister at the last stop in Down Under by Union Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs Vayalar Ravi as he concluded his 6-day visit to Oceania region for the first-ever Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas (RPBD) held in Sydney a few days ago.

Following on the heels of the RPBD 2013 that was held November 10-12 at the world famous Sydney Convention & Exhibition Center, Vayalar Ravi received a rousing reception by the GOPIO International and Federation of Indian Communities in Queensland (FICQ) on November 13th night in Brisbane near the famous Gold Coast. Nearly 150 leaders and representatives from at least 15 Indian community organizations led by GOPIO gathered along with Australian politicians for a Gala Dinner hosted to felicitate Ravi. 50,000 Indian origin persons live in the province of Queensland alone of the total of nearly 500,000 Indian Diaspora Australia. The Australian government has declared that Indians are the fastest growing ethnic migrant community and now teach Hindi and Punjabi in schools, and the languages are even offered as degree courses in three major Australian universities. In the Regional PBD 2013, first Indian origin MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, former Prime Minister of Fiji Mahendra Singh Choudhary, and several Australian Premiers, Federal Ministers and MPs participated who all lauded the Indian government and the Indian community for giving a fillip to bilateral and regional relations with their countries through the conferences.

The Brisbane Indian community event was held at the plush Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and was symbolic of the Indian community's tremendous accomplishments in their relatively new migrant countries. The Emcee was Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof Arun Sharma, and among the attendees with the richest Indian in Australia and GOPIO Life Member Maha Sinnathamby and the first highest-serving Australian bureaucrat of Indian Origin Jim Varghese. The event was organized through an international leader of Diaspora and GOPIO International Executive Council Member Munish Gupta and Prof. Prasad Yarlagadda, a well known scientist at QUT and a well known community leader. Shyam Das, President of GOPIO Queensland chapter, welcomed Vayalar Ravi and thanked Gupta for facilitating the visit of the Minister and the event. Dr. Naidu Bodapati, President FICQ Queensland, after introducing the Minister presented a request on behalf of more than 30 community associations to grant a full Consulate General status in Brisbane instead of the current Honorary Consul representing the government of India in probably the third fastest growing Indian community hub in Oceania.


Vayalar Ravi and his Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) and High Commission of India gave the event due recognition with the presence of Mr. Manoj Kumar, Joint Secretary of MOIA,  Mr. Subbarayudu, Consul General of India based in Perth and Mr. Kumar, First Secretary from the High Commission of India in Canberra. Senior Kerala Government Minister K. C. Joseph was an invited dignitary. Five Malayalee community organizations came together to provide mementos to Minister Ravi and Minister Joseph for visiting Brisbane. 


GOPIO-Brisabane officials and dignitaries with Min.RaviPhoto above: GOPIO Brisbane and FICQ offcials with Minister Vayala Ravi and other digntaris, From l. to r. GOPIO Queensland President Shyam Das (left), GOPIO members, Min. Ravi, Queensland MPs Freya Ostapovitch & Anthony Shorten, GOPIO Intl Coordinator Munish Gupta, Hon CG in Brisbane Ms. Singh

Two senior Members of Parliament from Queensland, Anthony Shorten and Freya Ostapovitch, were present throughout the 3 hour gala and addressed the gathering. It was clear that the Ministers and MPs from Australia were recognizing the coming of age of the Indian community and underlining Australia's unequivocal support for more migration and students from India and trade with India. The Deputy Premier of Queensland had just a day earlier addressed the RPBD 2013 closing ceremony in Sydney, and the Premier had sent a special emissary and message to the event in Brisbane as the Premier was traveling. Asked if they could afford to ignore the issues and concerns of the sizable Indian community in Queensland or Australia, MP Shorten said he would simply say that Australia loves the growing Indian community which has served to be a bridge with India.


A jubilant Indian Minister Vayalar Ravi soaked in all the introductions and accolades he received from his own Indians settled in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, and the praise bestowed upon him by the Queensland MPs by graciously assuring to do all that his government and he can for the Pravasi Bharatiyas. Overseas Indians make India proud, he said, while complimenting a high class and well attended event at the QUT 12th floor 360 degree conference dining venue with a breathtaking view of Parliament on one side and the Brisbane river on the other. Ravi counted his Ministry's accomplishments for Overseas Indians and said the government would do more to make it easier for NRIs and PIOs to visit India, study in India, work in India, find their roots in India and now invest and bring their countries of residence closer to India. He invited Indians in Oceania to attend the next annual Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas (PBD) to be staged January 7-9, 2014 in New Delhi, of which the first day is being dedicated for the first ever time for interaction between youth from India and the Diaspora.

    GOPIO-Brisbane Officials with Ministers Vayalar Ravi & K.C. Joseph

Photos Above: GOPIO-Brisbane Officials with Minister Vayalar Ravi in the left and Minister K.C. Joseph and Mrs. Joseph in the right

Munish Gupta, as the facilitator, thanked the Queensland Indian community, Queensland Government, High Commission of India for an impeccable event, and thanked the Minister for taking out a day for the benefit of the Brisbane Indian community that felt ignored. In finally making the community rise in standing ovation for Minister Ravi, Gupta underlined that the presence of local Indians from literally every walk of life represented that the Indian Diaspora had fully assimilated in their country of residence and was now ready to take on roles and challenges even in the polity of Australia.


Contributed by by Kedar Nath Gupta, Editor-in-Chief, PIO TV, Director of Government Liaison, GOPIO International



The Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO), in collaboration with several community organizations and groups in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tri-state area, hosted a luncheon and interactive session with Minister Vayalar Ravi of Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) to promote Pravasi Bharatiya Divas PBD2014 as well as discuss issues of interest to NRIs/PIOs. The event was held at the Indian Consulate in New York City on November 24, 2013. It was well attended and the issues raised and questions posed to Minister Ravi are those that concern the Indian communities regionally and nationally. The event was organized by GOPIO International president Ashook Ramsaran and emceed by Sangeeta Ahuja, Chairperson of GOPIO Health Council.


The event's co-sponsors:  Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI); GOPIO of New York; GOPIO of Long Island; GOPIO Health Council; Parikh Worldwide Media; Indian American Chamber of Commerce (USA); TV Asia; American Assoc. of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI); Mohinder Singh Taneja; Madhuram Sweets; National Federation of Indian Associations.


GOPIO International president Ashook Ramsaran welcomed Minister Ravi and reiterated "the long and enduring partnership between MOIA and GOPIO, strengthening the bonds in the global Indian Diaspora, the many notable achievements of the MOIA-GOPIO collaboration, and GOPIO's outreach efforts to connect all of the Indian Diaspora". Ranjana Khanna, Washington DC based Deputy Secretary General of FICCI, spoke on PBD2014 and FICCI's partnership with MOIA, urging "many more attendees from the USA, while emphasizing the event's focus on youth". Dr. Sudhir Parikh of Parikh Worldwide Media remarked that, "We should connect the children of Diaspora with the land of their parents and ancestors; this is the best way for them to learn of their heritage, continue their customs and live their values that have endured for centuries." AAPI representatives Dr. Seema Jain (Vice President) and Dr. Anwar Feroz (Honorary Advisor) emphasized AAPI's growth and upcoming events, as well as its efforts and contributions worldwide, including India.


Following the formal introduction of Minister Ravi by Ashook Ramsaran. GOPIO's Life Member Harbachan Singh presented to Minister Ravi GOPIO's memorandum titled "Memorandum on Community Issues of Interest" of community issues and matters of interest which included: OCI card; Education Exams in India; NRI Tax beyond 60-day stay in India; Uniformity of information, policies and practices - Visas, OCI cards, etc by all ministries; Reciprocity from India re US Immigration Bill. Alex Koshy, Commissioner, Martin Luther King Jr. Commission (New Jersey) and President of Global World Malayalee Council, also presented a memoranda to Minister Ravi and remarked on many of the issues faced by members of his association.


Minister Ravi reiterated the close relationship between the Diaspora and India, the contributions of Indians in the USA, with MOIA's role in representing the interests of the Diaspora. He remarked that, "In the forthcoming PBD, we are expecting enthusiastic participation from our heterogeneous and diverse overseas Indian community spread across the globe. The PBD Convention provides a unique platform for Overseas Indians to interact among themselves and with the Government of India and of various Indian States. It is a forum where the Government of India exhibits investment opportunities in India and its potential in various sectors. During PBD 2014, we shall also focus on issues concerning the younger generation of Indian Diaspora".


Following his remarks on PBD2014 and MOIA continuing efforts on behalf of the Indian Diaspora, Minister Ravi responded to the issues and concerns raised in an active and participatory session with attendees and the press. He was receptive to the questions posed, responded in detail and expressed appreciation to the NRI/PIO populations and their concerns for improving the procedures. Several questions were raised about the OCI card, the problems of reissue when passports are renewed;  third party processing delays; PIO university admission; investments in other Diaspora countries. Questions were posed by: Dr. Sushila Gidwani-Buschi; Alex Koshy; Vishnu Bisram; Roopnarine Persaud; Gary Mahabir; Mike Persaud; Anand Ahuja, Esq; Kuldeep Kaul; and several others.


GOPIO of Long Island president Darshan Bagga added his welcome to Minister Ravi and expressed appreciation for MOIA's efforts on behalf overseas Indians. Mohinder Singh Taneja, GOPIO's Director of Community Liaison, spoke on closer collaboration between Indians in USA and to India, while establishing stronger communities in the USA. In closing, GOPIO of New York president Lal Motwani expressed thanks and appreciation to all sponsors, organizers and attendees of this very successful event, including the support and cooperation of the Consulate of India in New York.


 GOPIO Meeting with Min  Vayalar Ravi in NYC Nov.2013Photo (l-r) Harbachan Singh, Vikram Bhat, Roop Persaud, Ashook Ramsaran, Dr Sudhir Parikh, Darshan Bagga, Dr. Ramesh Pandey, Min Vayalar Ravi, Lal Motwani, Mohinder Taneja, Sangeeta Ahuja, Ranjanna Khanna, Dr Sushila Gidwani-Buschi, Paul Ahuja.





People of Indian Origin in South African constitute2.7 % of the totalpopulation numbering 1.3 million. The majority live in and around the city of Durban, making it 'the largest 'Indian' city outside India' Many Indians in South Africa are descendents of migrants from Colonial India (South Asia) during late 19th-century through early 20th-century


The Indian communities in South Africa marked the 153rd Anniversary of the 1st arrival of Indians on South Africa's shores on 16 November 1860. The following are the major events that marked the 153rd Anniversary and few related happenings:


The 1860 Commemorative Council hosted a prayer service at the Shri Mariammam Temple,

Mount Edcombe, Durban, KwaZulu Natal Province on 17 November 2013 to honor the arrival of  

Indian indentured laborers in South Africa.


Thru courtesy of the Indian High Commission of India in South Africa, the Indian Council for

Cultural Relations (ICCR) hosted a free classical arts concert on 16 November.  The main aims

were i) promotion of some of South Africa's young and finest exponents of true Indian classical

dance and music ii) create further awareness of these two rich, deep and meaningful heritages of

India's ancient performing arts still alive and iii) strengthening bilateral relations between South

Africa and India.


The 1860 Heritage Foundation held a multi-faith service at the Addington beach on 15 November

firstly with a 15 min prayer and then proceeded to the 1860 Heritage Centre where people were

 served lunch including residents from the Aryan Benevolent Home.


The 1860 Organizing Committee (EOC) placed twelve plaques around various Kwazulu-Natal

towns that have historic importance to the Indian's arrival in South Africa and their settlements

there, such as Ladysmith, Newcastle, Pietermaritzburg, Port Shepstone and others. They were

located in places where they can be both i) hopefully seen by a wider section of South African

society and ii) maintained. The EOC is also in the process of securing a monument marking the

arrival of the Indians in South Africa which may eventually be erected at the famous Shaka

Marine World. The Committee has suggested to the sculptor that the monument must be

reflective of a family, which, at the same time, must also recognize the importance of women in

the context of hardships, role of a mother and overall Indian family values.


At the annual Service of Remembrance parade at the Cenotaph Farewell Centre on 10 Nov.

Ganes Pillay, a member of the Military History Society of SA (KZN branch) laid a wreath to

commemorate the role and bravery of South African Indians in the two world wars.


The Global Indian Christian Vernacular Foundation held a colorful event at the Durban City Hall

on 9 Nov. It also celebrated the 1st Indian to disembark from the SS Truro on 16 November

1860, Dhavaran happens to be a Christian. The Rev David Reddy, an international evangelist,

said while Christians needed to maintain their religion, they also needed to retain their culture as



The 1860 Indentured Laborers Foundation (est. 2008) (EILF) received an award from the Amafa

Kwa Zulu Natal in September for  its efforts to preserve the rich heritage of Indian indentured

laborers  (IL) in the north coast of Kwazulu Natal Province. The EILF's two main goals are i) 

providing a forum and platform to recognize the role played by ILs  and ii) promoting harmonious

co-existence among diverse linguistic, religious and cultural sectors of  South Africans  as well as

 the descendants of the ILs. The EILF also launched a commemorative brochure GirmitÊ that

documented some history of the ILs.





For the first time, Indian American community in Connecticut got a spot in the large UBS Thanksgiving Parade in Stamford, Connecticut on Sunday, November 24th by the initiative of GOPIO-CT. It is the second largest parade in the East coast of the United States after Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. Over 50 dancers including Bhangra, Garba, Bharatanatyam, Maharashtrian and Bollywood marched under the banner of Namaste India. In spite of sub-zero temperature and heavy winds, the dancers marched the whole route and the Indian contingent was termed as the most colorful. At the review stand, all dancers together performed Jai Ho dance to the delight of the audience who also joined in.


The program coordinator GOPIO-CT Board Member Nandita Kotian and was assisted by GOPIO's US National Youth Coordinator Anita Bhat along with GOPIO-CT President Shailesh Naik, Executive Vice President Shelly Nichani and GOPIO Intl. Executive Trustee Dr. Thomas Abraham.


 GOPIO-CT Participates in Thanksgiving Parade.Stamford

Photos from top left clockwise. Photos 1 - Photo 1 - Leading the parade behind Namaste India Banner and Flags, From l. to r.: Viresh Sharma, Dr. Thomas Abraham, Nandita Kotian and Shailesh Naik; Photo 2 - Bharatnatyam dancers; Photo 3 - All dancers performing Jai Ho.


Please click the YouTube video links of the GOPIO-CT contingent under Namaste India at the Thanksgiving Parade in Stamford.


Part 1 Parade Continues -

Part 2 Parade Continues 

Part 3 Parade Continues

Part 4 Parade Continues 

Part 5 Bharata Natyam - 

Part 6 Finale with Jai Ho -


Also, check the link below for some wonderful pictures taken by the daughter of one of the participants, Charu. She has done a great job of capturing the colors of India.





The statue of Mahatma Gandhi, a gift of the Indian government, stands tall in the Glebe Park in the heart of the city in the Canberra. The office of the High Commission of India holds a ceremony event annually to remember the birthday of Gandhi ji on October 2. The United Nations also recognizes the day as the International Day of non-violence globally.


The Gandhi Jayanti celebrations by the High Commission of India in the Canberra, this year particularly was with a difference. High Commissioner Biren Nanda launched the GOPIO Canberra Chapter on a day of both Indian and International significance.


Following the message from Ambassador Nanda and the observation of two minutes silence, the First Secretary Mr Tarun Kumar announced the ceremonial launching event of the GOPIO Canberra Chapter. The historic event on a working day was witnessed by a gathering of just under 100 people including the community leaders, the presidents of local organization and GOPIO office bearer from the interstate.


GOPIO Oceania Coordinator, Mr Umesh Chandra, responsible for Chapters in the Australia, New Zealand and Fiji was from Brisbane to represent the GOPIO International at this ceremony. He emphasized on the potentials of the global organization and reiterated on how GOPIO globally has managed the issues and concerns of NRIs and PIOs in their adopted countries.   


GOPIO's origin in 1989 and now as the largest representative of Indian Diaspora in the world, is in no different to ways adopted by Gandhi Ji. It is a movement and an organization that exists in 25 countries and has over 100 chapters worldwide.


GOPIO-Canberra Officials with Amb.Biren Nanda  

Photo above: Ashok Jain, Rakesh Malhotra, High Commissioner Biren Nanda, Ramesh Malik, Rakesh Jain and Subhash Dang


The President, Dr Rakesh Malhotra noted that there are 25 million NRIs and PIOs outside India. In Australia, this population was estimated to close to half a million. He acknowledged the need of an extended arm of such cohesive global organization in the National Capital of Australia. He also reiterated that the GOPIO Canberra Chapter would coexist and synergize with other Indian associations, and collaborate and cooperate with them. However, the Chapter will identify and pursue activities in areas that remain unrepresented and unaddressed.


Contact: Dr Rakesh Malhotra, President, GOPIO Canberra Inc., +61 402202312 or





November is Diabetes Awareness Month. GOPIO-Health Council organized two programs in CT and one in NY in collaboration with local community organizations. As there has been a dramatic increase of Diabetes and Heart disease among the People of Indian Origin all over the world, GOPIO Health brings Health Awareness programs to local communities. "Education is the key in prevention and management of chronic diseases" said, Sangeeta Ahuja, Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator. Sangeeta is chair of GOPIO-Health Council.


 "Lifestyle Management for Healthy Living" was the main focus of the program held on November 12, 2013 in Stamford, CT, The speaker was Jaya Daptardar B.A.M.S., M.H.A. who discussed the contribution of Ayurveda in managing our health.


See the YouTube videos of Daptadar's talk below

GOPIO Health Presents Lifestyle Management Using Ayurveda Talk by Jaya Daptadar

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3


On Nov. 14, 2013, the program held in White Plains, NY, the topic was "Therapeutic Life Style Changes and How to Conquer Diabetes". The speakers were endocrinologist, Dr. Chithranjan Nath, Dietitian, Sangeeta Ahuja, Internist, Dr. Ramesh Naik and Susmita Sadana who shared Indian foods and recipes with low glycemic index helpful for blood sugar control. This program was in collaboration with Royal India Palace, AAPI Westchester and Sanofi  Aventis.


Milan Cultural organization collaborated with GOPIO Health to offer "Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes-TLC" to Indian American community in Hartford, CT area on November 22, 2013. Sangeeta Ahuja was the speaker for the program and she offered day to day lifestyle management to stay disease free.


The participants in the programs had much positive and constructive feedback, including, "It was very informative and introduced a whole new way of healthy living; I feel the need to learn more". and "Great presentation Sangeeta. We are still talking about it. Very concise, relevant and powerfully delivered."


"It is a rewarding experience to plan and present these programs for our Indian community", said Sangeeta Ahuja.


GOPIO Health Seminars Nov. 2013Photos above: GOPIO Health Council programs in Stamford, White Plains and Hartford held in November 2014


If you would like to arrange such programs in your community, please contact Sangeeta Ahuja at or call 203-329-9744





GOPIO Sydney North West chapter hosted a spectacular Caring & Sharing - Diwali Dinner and Dance event at Bowman Hall, Blacktown on 2nd November 2013, raising funds to support for under privileged school children in Northern India. Over 350 guests attended this glittering dinner with Australian Member of Parliament the guest of honor being Michelle Rowland who is also Shadow Minister for Citizenship & Multiculturalism and Shadow Assistant Minister for Communications, and Councillor Len Robinson, Mayor Blacktown Council.


Anchor Neeru Singh in her opening words wished everyone a very happy Diwali and spoke of the Indian community being known and commended for its positive contributions to every aspect of Australian Society and urged future generations to make the community stronger and better by giving back to society from where we have benefited so much.


Children are gifts of nature and have to be nurtured with caring & sharing. GOPIO-Sydney North West Chapter, has been raising funds for the last 4 years to help under privileged primary school going kids. Every year GOPIO official Harry Walia and Prof. Balkar Singh Kang go to India to provide basic amenities to underprivileged school children. Caring & Sharing Dinner & Dance events also gave $1000 in 2012 to a local senior citizen social group Called RAINS towards the cost to pave the backyard at their community centre in Pennant Hills.


Anchor Aman Singh informed the guests that this year we raised funds to construct a girl's toilet at Sutlej Public school in village Ramgarh, Ludhiana. Another donation $500 will be donated to bushfire victims of Sydney by the chapter.


The GOPIO chapter applauded its platinum sponsors Jasbir Kang and Yogesh Manav of Sapphire Function Centre, Gold sponsors Sarjit Rahi of Caltex Australia, and Silver sponsors Gurmeet Singh Mangat of Auzgrip Tools Australia, Ginny's Italian Restaurant & Bar, Radhe Supermarket, Indian Fusion Restaurant Pennant Hills, Kulwant Singh of Starr Partners Castle Hill, Amrjit Khela CEO of Unique International College, Tarun Khurana from Migration Centre, Pankaj Khurana of Prime Real Estate, and Percy Vij of Centrum Printing Pty Ltd.


Media supporters were; Harpreet Singh of Punjab times, Amarjit Khela from ApnaPunjab TV, Dimple from Desi Entertainment, Hemu Negi of IndusAge, Harkirat Singh of Ajit newspaper, Bikram Cheema of Events News, SBS Punjabi Radio, Radio jockeys at Sham Kumar of 'Mela Getan Da' and Sukhpreet Singh of 'Safar Humsafar'.


Jagpreet Grover, Cheryl Khurana, Mishi Khurana, Tia Singh, Shaukeen Babay Group and Fashion Parade rocked the stage with their scintillating performances. Other performance included Giddha and Bhangra by Vinnie Pelia and Group, Bollywood dance by "Super Sohni Group" prepared by Keerat Mann and Fashion Show by Hargun Fashions, Gharba and individual performers.


GOPIO Sydney North West chapter Fundraiser Program for Caring & SharingPhotos clockwise from top left: Hon. Peter Primrose MLC speaking at Caring & Sharing event on 2nd November 2013. L-R: Tia Singh, Hon. Michelle Rowland MP, Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multiculturism, Clr. Len Robinson, Mayor Blacktown City Council, Harmohan Singh Walia, Hon. Peter Primrose MLC, Neeru Singh & Aman Singh; GOPIO Sydney North West Working Team, L-R: Paramjit Multani, Ravi Singh (President GOPIO Sydney North West), Harmohan Singh Walia, Neeru Singh, Aman Singh, Tia Singh (Secretary), Prof. Balkar Singh Kang, Sumit Joshi (Vice President) & Baljit Pelia (Treasurer); Bollywood dance by Super Sohni Group Garba Dance and Bhangra dance by Vinnie Pelia group




GOPIO-CT's Annual Diwali Celebration was again sold out with over 400 people attending the program. The program was held at the University of Connecticut Stamford Campus. Program included Light Percussion Music and Karaoke Music in Concourse and Entertainment Program in the Auditorium which included invocation, Ramayan story by children, Bharathanatyam, Bollywood hip hop, Bhangra, Bollywood, Punjabi Folk, Kathak and a Grand Finale with all dancers on the stage. Connecticut State Senator Toni Boucher, Assemblyman Tony Hwang and former CT Lt. Governor conveyed Diwali greetings and congratulated the community for is contribution to Connecticut and the society at large. The program which was chaired by GOPIO-CT President Shailesh Naik and Executive Vice President Shelly Nichani. The cultural program was put together by Nandita Kotian and the program booklet was prepared by Anita Bhat.


GOPIO-CT Diwali 2013 Program in Stamford, CT, USA  

Photos clockwise from top left: Photo 1 - From l. to r. Dr. Thomas Abraham, Carol Fedele, Michael Fedele, Shelly Nichani and Biru Sharma; {Photo 2 - GOPIO officials with CT Legislature Tony Hwang, from l. to r. Dr. Thomas Abraham, Shailesh Naik, Nandita Kotian, Ravi Dhingra, Assemblyman Hwang, Varghese Ninan, Sara Tierno, Viresh Sharma and Mohan Yadav; Photos 3-5, Dancers at the Diwali celebration.


GOPIO CT Diwali 2013 Program YouTube Videos 

Welcome by President Shailesh Naik -

Greetings from CT State Senator Toni Boucher -

Greetings from CT State Assemblyman Tony Hwang -

Semi-classical Fusion by Arunodhaya Dance Company -

Punjabi Folk Dance Choreographed by Tarandeep Narula and Group -

Madhuri Mania by Rashmi Mahajan and Sonali Kurel -

Spiritual Bollywood Fusion by Hindi USA -

Bhangra Choreographed by Tarandeep Narula -

Kathak Directed by Rachana Agarwal -

Grand Finale Directed by Jayshree Srikanth -

GOPIO-CT Diwali 2013 Dinner -




GOPIO Executive Vice President Sunny Kulathakal called on to Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mrs. Leah Tutu, daughter and son-in-law at a function in early November at a function in Bangalore last. Kulathakal briefed them on the activities of GOPIO and that GOPIO has started chapters in Durban and other cities. He also presented a copy of GOPIO Book, published earlier this year at GOPIO Kochi Convention.


GOPIO Exec. VP Kulathakal Archbishop Desmond Tutu.Nov. 2013
Photo above: GOPIO Executive Vice President Sunny Kulathakal presenting GOPIO book to Archbishop Tutu and Mrs. Leah Tutu


Archbishop Tutu's daughter and son-in-law M Thunzi Gashes were also very much interested in GOPIO and promised all assistance to promote GOPIO organization in South Africa and other African countries.





Dr. Najma SultanaDr. Najma Sultana was one of the most respected women and compassionate leader and recipient of many honors for her service to India, Indian American Community and humanity. She was awarded and recognized by many for her service to India by prominent people and organizations in USA. She was an awarded recognition by many organizations like AAPI, AFMI, FIA, NFIA, GOPIO and many others. She was one of the Founding Life Members of the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO), and most recently had been serving as Co-Chair of GOPIO Cultural Council. She was one of the first women to head American Federation of Muslims from India (AFMI) and played an important role in forming and running many organizations like Indian National Overseas Congress, Hyderabad Cultural Association etc. Dr. Sultana led a delegation to Gujarat to help the victims of the riots in 2002 and always promoted and practiced Secularism.

GOPIO and all other community groups conveyed sympathy to her family on this great loss, and pray to God to keep her Soul in peace. 


Dr. Sultana's funeral service and Namaz Janaz was held at Bayshore Mosque and burial at Washington Memorial Park Cemetery on Friday, November 29th.

Obituary originally prepared by Rajender Dichpally of Overseas Indian National Congress and Juned Qazi of Hyderabad Cultural Association. A few additions included by GOPIO.





US President Barak Obama has nominated 36-year-old Indian-American physician Dr. Vivek Murthy to be US Surgeon General. The position, if confirmed by the US Senate as required, will make Dr. Murthy the country's 19th surgeon general for an office that was established in 1871/ He will be the leading spokesperson on matters of public health in the US and the operational head of the 6500-strong US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, one of the seven uniformed services of the United States that includes army, navy, air force and marines. A graduate of Yale University, where he earned a medical degree and an MBA, he will easily be, by far, the youngest surgeon general in US history. He will also be the first surgeon general of Indian origin, recognizing the immense contribution of the Indian-American community to health care in the United States. 
There are an estimated 80,000 physicians of Indian origin in the US, nearly ten per cent of the 850,000 doctors in the country. Vivek Hallegere Murthy, whose parents emigrated from Karnataka, is currently a Hospitalist Attending Physician and Instructor in Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital at Harvard Medical School, a position he has held since 2006.

Dr. Murthy's confirmation may not come so easy given the toxic political atmosphere in Washington DC over the Obamacare debacle. In fact, Murthy is closely identified with the Affordable Healthcare Act as an early supporter and grass-roots advocate. He founded Doctors for America, which was originally called Doctors for Obama, and was appointed to the President's Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Integrative and Public Health which was created in 2011 as part of the Affordable Care Act health reform law. The organization's 10,000 physicians and medical students helped to campaign for Obama's election, an effort that brought Murthy to the attention of the president. So the expectation is that Republicans will not give him an easy passage.

If however he gets confirmed then he will serve a four-year term at a critical moment in US healthcare history that is seeing a vigorous discourse on the so-called lifestyle diseases. The US Surgeon General has many informal duties, such as educating the American public about health issues, advocating healthy lifestyle choices, and periodically issuing health warnings. The best-known example of this is the surgeon general's warning labels that were mandated for cigarettes when it was realized that smoking is hazardous to health.



South Africa's Minister of Basic Education, Ms Angelina Motsheka, established the MST in Feb 2013, which has amongst its eleven-member team two PIO's.


They are Dr. Sadha Moodley and Dr. Paddy Padiachy. Dr Padiachy accompanied the South African National Antarctic Expedition base at Vesleskarvet, Antarctica.


The MST presented its finding to the Minister on 7 June and cited, amongst other, the following recommendations for an effective operation strategy:


  • The establishment of a dedicated MST Office in the Department (of Basic Education);
  • Development of a focused Teacher Development and Support Program;
  • Development of Norms and Standards for a resource provisioning and management program; Strengthening and re-orientation of the Dinaledi Program;




Three Indian Americans - all Democrats - won elections to state legislatures Election Day Nov. 5, and two of them are new to politics.


Newcomer Latha Mangipudi, who in the Sept. 17 primary narrowly won by a mere 35 votes, after a recount found that poll workers had mistakenly placed some her ballots in her opponent's stack, won a special election in New Hampshire's Ward 8 in Nashua, N.H. She had a much larger margin of victory this time, as she upset former House Republican Majority Leader Pete Silva, 862-598.


In New Jersey, Kolkata-born Raj Mukherji of Jersey City, 29, another first time candidate for a state Assembly, won as expected in the Democratic-leaning 33rd District, which includes Hoboken, Union City, Weehawken and parts of Jersey City.


Running in tandem with Democrat Carmelo Garcia of Hoboken, who received 19,966 votes in unofficial results, Mukherji polled 18,373, as the two swamped two Republicans challengers who received 7,448 and 7,472 votes.


Also in New Jersey, longtime Indian American Assemblyman Upendra J. Chivukula of Somerset, who has served in the Assembly since 2002, easily won reelection in the 17th District, which includes Franklin Township, New Brunswick City, North Brunswick Township, and Piscataway Township.


Chivukula received 23,166 votes, while Democratic running mate Joseph Egan, deputy majority leader in the Assembly since 2008, topped the ticket with 23,590 votes. Republican challengers Carlo DiLalla and Sanjay Patel trailed with 13,700 votes and 12,226 votes, respectively.





Ms Leeanda Reddy, Ms Usha Khan and Afzal Khan were among the three SA PIOs celebrating the recent release of the Hollywood film Diana, based on the life of the late Princess of Whales.


Leeanda plays the role of Nasreen who is Diana's confidante. Though the role was small, the                                                                                                                                                                            young dynamic and popular TV and stage star Reddy said she was 'over the moon' to be part of a major film.  A local feature film and TV director (Christa Schamberger) did the casting for the Mozambique leg of the shoot and asked Leeanda to audition for the role, for which she also sent the tapes. She got the part and her scenes were shot in four days - a 'pretend' setting for Pakistan.


Usha's role is that of the mother of Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan with whom Diana had a relationship shortly before her death in 1997. Afzal Khan, a comedian and actor, is cast as Salahudine Khan, the uncle of Hasnat.


Leeanda is a popular TV soapie and stage star, with currently the most popular one being Isidingo. She will appear soon in a local comedy Buckled. Usha has been acting since 1986 and featured in SA soapies such as Generations, Isidingo, Sewende Laan (7th Ave in Afrikaans) and Scandal. Usha also had roles in local made movies e.g. Material and The World Unseen.


Other PIO in the cast includes Kasthuri Singh as Nanny Appa, and Prasanna Puwanarajah as Martin Bashir, the journalist who held a revealing 1995 BBC interview with Diana. Naveen Andrews playing the role of Pakistani heart surgeon and known for his hunky image in Kama Sutra, Lost, The English Patient and the current ABC hit fantasy drama Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, had to make  physical transformation for his role in "Diana."


Diana is a 2013 biographical drama film, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, about the last two years of the life of Diana, Princess of Wales.


The screenplay is based on Kate Snell's 2001 book Diana: Her Last Love, and was written by Stephen Jeffreys. British-Australian actress Naomi Watts plays the title role of Diana.  Filming Locations were London, UK Mozambique, New Delhi, India, Zagreb, Croatia and the production budget was $15 million. 





There appears hope for SA Indians in the employment sector following a land-mark ruling of the recent Cape Town Labour Court. Here, colored employees of the Department of Correctional (DCS) Services took up the case citing that they have been overlooked for jobs and promotion because of the Government's Employment Equity laws that is based on national and not provincial demographics.


In her judgment, Judge Hillary  Rabkin-Niacker found nine of the ten coloureds* were unfairly discriminated against because it was 'premised on the understanding that regional demographics do not have to be taken into account in setting (equity) targets'  ordering the employer to take this into account  - a ruling the DCS welcomed.


Two of South Africa's nine provinces are unique in that their minority demographics are larger than the national average, namely Western Cape with its Coloured and KZN for its Indians.


According to the 2007 census there were 836,000 Indians in KZN Province and even though these demographics shrank to 757,000 in the 2011 census, still constitutes seven per cent of the Province's PIO's where the national average is two percent Indians. 


Many a PIOs moved to particularly Gauteng Province which has a rising Indian population (+/- 282,000 in 2007, 356,000 in 2011).


University of KZN lecturer and CCMA  Commissioner Dean Isaacs says the inference one can draw from this is that in KZN 'designated (i.t.o Employment Equity Act) employees/companies employing less than the percentage or quota of Indians should put in place employment equity plans and affirmative action policies to up to their numbers'.


Kalim Rajab, an economist indicated that while on the one hand, Indians in KZN will benefit from this ruling, it may potentially work against PIOs in other Provinces where they are an insignificant minority.


"Coloured" South Africans (the label is contentious) are a people of mixed lineage descended from slaves brought to the country from east and central Africa, the indigenous Khoisan who lived in the Cape at the time, indigenous Africans and whites. 


GOPIO is a non-partisan, non-sectarian global organization with chapters in several countries, actively promoting the interests of people of Indian origin worldwide by monitoring and addressing current critical issues of concern, and by enhancing cooperation and communication between groups of Indians living in various countries.


GOPIO Individual Life membership is open to all who believe in the mission of GOPIO. The one- time fee is $5,000 for Platinum Life Membership, $2,500 for Gold Life Membership and $1,500 Silver Life Membership and half the amount for each category for those from developing countries and India.


GOPIO is looking forward to opening chapters in all major cities of the world so as to network people of Indian origin all over the world. If you do not have chapter in your city, please visit GOPIO website ( and get details of chapter initiation (visit Process involves sending a letter of intent to start a chapter by a committee of five people or more. For more information, contact:


GOPIO Chairman - Inder Singh, Tarzana, California, USA, Tel: +1-818-708-3885, E-mail:


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