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    Gadar Centennial Commemoration

    The Gadar Movement was a nationalistic movement to liberate India with the force of arms from British colonialism. It was started as Hindustan Association of the US Pacific Coast in 1913. The headquarters of Hindustan Association was established in San Francisco where a building was purchased and named Yugantar Ashram (now it is called Gadar Memorial Hall). The association began publishing a magazine, Gadar, for free distribution to promote the aims, objectives and activities of the organization. The publication Gadar, over a period of time, became very popular among Indians and the association itself became known as the Gadar party.

    The Gadarites did not hesitate to make any sacrifice for the cause of freedom, dignity and prosperity of their motherland. Several Gadarites went back to India where they were imprisoned, many for life, and some were hanged to death. In the United States too, many Gadarites were prosecuted and incarcerated for varying terms of imprisonment. The heroism, courage and sacrifices of the Gadarites inspired many freedom fighters to continue their mission.

    The 90th anniversary of the Gadar Movement was held in 2003 with K.R Narayanan India’s president (1997-2002) as the chief guest of GOPIO, NFIA, FIA Northern California and Global Punjabi Diaspora. The 100th anniversary is the Gadar Centennial Commemoration of the Gadar Movement and will be in 2013. GOPIO urges all NRIs/PIOs and their organizations to join hands for a joint commemoration in several cities in USA, Canada and other parts of the world from where 6000 to 8000 Indians went back to India to fight for freedom of their motherland.

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