Help accelerate Global NRI/PIO contribution to India’s Development and fulfill its 2020 vision of a Developed Country


The five-point goals of GOPIO.Connect Initiative are:  


-Capture  and understand key DEVELOPMENT NEED AREAS in India where NRI/PIO community can help

-Interactive sessions with NRI/PIO run Civil service organizations on India Development Issues to widen awareness


-Research on key Development-related LAWS and highlight their enforcement issues for NRI/PIOs


-Execute Development Projects in India


-Encourage NRI/PIOs to research key Development-related trends in India at academic institutions to facilitate new policy recommendations in various Government Minstries



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Understanding Development Needs in India - how can PIOs help?

Development Practices in India

Enforcement of Constitutional Amendment (74th) necessary to drive Development of India

Implementation of Freedom of Information Act necessary for Corrupt-free Progress

List of Civil Service Organizations (Raising funds, Providing Knowledge and Volunteering Labor)

India Development Blogging Site:


Message Board for Indian Villages/Towns to write to NRI/PIOs 


Development Related Books

PIO Pioneers in Development Area

Rise in NRI remittances to India    Corruption hindering Development  


GOPIO.Connect Chair: Prashant Gupta, Contact Email: